The Importance of Reading

With the vast array of personal entertainment choices, it may seem that reading is a lost art. Why crack a book when you can sit down with a video game, stream a movie, or update your Facebook page?

Addison Green
Addison Green

But there are plenty of reasons why curling up on your favorite spot on the sofa with a good book is still a great idea. One of the best is that reading can help to promote personal and professional growth, by expanding your views about life. Reading can affect virtually every personal and professional decision that you make by building a store of information in your head that you’ll always be able to call on at a moment’s notice.

Reading is also one of the great boredom-busters. You can always count on a book, and it should go without saying that the breadth of reading options is almost limitless. People who read a lot also tend to have greatly enhanced communication skills; it will improve your vocabulary, which in turn will improve your writing – everything from business correspondence to blogging to love notes.

Reading is a great way of traveling to places that you have never been before, and may never be. You can vicariously experience environments and situations that may stimulate or stun you, either of which can leave you with invaluable insights, all from the comfort of your living room. And being a book lover is an addiction that is positive in every way; it can keep your faith and hope in humanity alive

Addison Green has loved book since he was a child, and is always in the middle of one book or another. He is a Master plumber who lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.