Addison Green: 3 Small Mistakes People Make Trying to Lose Fat

The exercise and diet will help you achieve the goal of losing weight, but why does it not always work? There is so much that goes into the human anatomy, and a couple of seemingly small lifestyle habits can lead your weight-loss mission off course. Take a look at these 3 mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight.

  1. Undereating: There is much more to losing weight than simply eating less. Especially when exercise is involved, it can be very unhealthy to eat less throughout the day, as this method of starving has been known to cause a reaction in the body that holds onto fat. Instead, focus less on the amount of foods that you eat, and more on the type of foods that you eat.
  2. Overeating Carbs at Night: Carbohydrates are a necessary part of your nutrition, as it provides energy for you to live and work out during the day. However, eating these carbs later in the day or before you go to bed can cause that energy to go unspent. When meals with carbs, especially sugars, are eaten before your body goes to bed, they become wasted fuel, and instead becomes stored fat overnight. Become more active during the day, and if not exercise, eat carbohydrates during the beginning and middle of your day, not the end.
  3. No Carbs: Another mistake people make when trying to burn fat is by completely cutting out carbs from your diet. While the Atkin Diet will help you optimize how many carbs your body uses through this process, it is not recommended that you try and completely cut out carbs. “Not only will you run out of energy and feel fatigued throughout the day,” Addison Green, owner of a personal fitness company, “but you will also be making temporary gains, and most of it will be a combination of fat and muscle.” Instead, find out how many carbs your body should take each day through an Atkins Diet, or your own observations.