Addison Green: Leadership Tips

One of the things that Addison Green learned when he became the sole proprietor of his own business is that leadership skills are a requirement. Mr. Addison Green is the owner of his own plumbing company, and discovered quickly it was going to take more than his master plumbing skills to make the business successful. That is because the same way that a boat needs a captain, a business needs a leader that people can look to and rely on. A clear hierarchical structure breeds efficiency.

Addison Green

Leadership is about knowing how to manage employees. There is much more to leadership than delegating tasks and doing performance evaluations. A good leader will instill a sense of loyalty and comradery in his staff. A good leader doesn’t just tell staff what to do, he motivates them when they are discouraged, keeps them passionate, and given all the resources necessary to succeed.

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A good leader and manager should even help look out for the finances of his employees. That is because money troubles and other outside stressors can be a distraction while your employee is at work. A good leader helps his employees build a budget, get adequate insurance, and stay stable. That is why it is not uncommon for a business and employees to start a group fund for emergency expenses that employees and the business can readily donate to.

Addison Green

Addison Green knows that building a sense of comradery and commitment in employees means a more productive and profitable workplace. Learning these leadership skills is crucial for business success.


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