Addison Green: Women in Plumbing

Addison Green still hasn’t seen a shift in the plumbing industry he expected after he had been working as a plumber for several years. Even though he’s teaching his niece the finer points of plumbing and how to make a business out of it, Green still hasn’t seen many women in the professional plumbing field.

Addison Green knows that women can be just as capable as men as plumbers. The profession takes more skill and knowledge than strength and weight, but women haven’t had the same interest as men in the profession. This is partially because of gender roles. Women aren’t “supposed” to love a dirty, physical job like plumbing and some are discouraged from ever taking an interest in the profession. Because the field is overwhelmingly made up of men, women still face discrimination in trade schools when they try to learn the skills that plumbing requires.

Addison Green taught his niece some of the finer points of plumbing so that if she wants to be a plumber when she grows up, there will be nothing in her way.


Addison Green: How to Become a Plumber

Addison Green is a business owner and professional plumber. Addison Green owns his very own plumbing company, one that was passed down to him from his father. The business they created continues to grow thanks to Mr. Addison Green’s dedication to his craft. Plumbing is a trade skill that requires some technical training before getting in to. If you are interested in becoming a plumber yourself, there are more steps to the process than you may think.

The first step to becoming a good plumber is to obtain your high school diploma or GED. A plumber will find math, science, and computers useful subjects. It may also be a good idea to get into drafting and blueprint reading courses if available.

The next step is to get some vocational training. Many technical and trade schools offer courses. Even some community colleges offer training. The training can even include an apprenticeship program to give you on the job experience.

The last step in the process to becoming a plumber is to get a license. Many of the states in the United States for instance, require that you have a plumber’s license. The standards for the license are not all the same, but on average requires about two years of experience in an apprenticeship. You will also likely have to pass an exam to prove your abilities.

Becoming a master plumber was a natural course for Addison Green. He joined the trade with his father, dedicating himself to the business and the art itself.