Addison Green: Rancher and Farmer

Addison Green works as a professional plumber in Texas and also lives on a working farm and ranch in the country. He raises emus and chickens, as well as several crops he sells to local, family stores and to consumers via a local farmer’s market. Green was an inexperienced farmer before he moved to Texas from Detroit. Addison Green chose a rural location where his family could get away from it all. They’ve fallen in love with the farm and ranch, and Green has watched his plumbing business flourish.

Addison Green keeps his farm and ranch relatively small so that he can manage it while working as a plumber as well. His friends help him keep the property, but he also contributes to managing the farm in many aspects. His acreage is limited on the farm, so he has tried many new and old farming techniques to keep his land fertile and available for his animals to feed and have enough space to roam and be happy.

Addison Green has lived in Texas since 2014.

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Addison Green: How to Build a Successful Small Business

Addison Green is a plumber in Detroit, Michigan. He learned the trade from his father and inherited his family’s business. Addison Green is a licensed master plumber as well as a small business owner. He enjoys working with his community and helping young plumbers learn the trade. Since he took over his family’s business, he has worked hard to help it grow and expand.

It’s important for business owners is to create a brand. Small businesses may benefit from having a logo as well as a marketing strategy. Mr. Green worked with a marketing firm to refresh his company’s logo. He changed the name from Green and Son to Green Plumbing and rebranded the company.

Another tip is to find a way to stand out. Mr. Addison Green focused his company on green plumbing. He realized that there were not many green plumbers in the area, and chose to meet that need. A third tip is to spend time building relationships with clients. Small businesses often have a short list of employees. Customers may want to know the faces behind the company. Taking a personal approach to customer service could be a great way to build positive relationships with customers. Addison Green is a dedicated business owner as well as a knowledgeable and experienced plumber.

Plumbing Essentials

Most states require that a plumber have some kind of license, although there is no standard licensing requirement the way there is for, say, the medical profession. While requirements vary, most professional plumbers have fulfilled certain common essentials by the time they are seeking a license.

Those essentials include a minimum of two yeas of experience in the field, although five is better. They must be able to pass a plumbing exam that measures their aptitude for the trade. And they should have a good working knowledge of the plumbing codes in the municipality they intend to work in.

Professionally, there are two main categories of plumber: the Journeyman plumber, and the Master plumber. A Journeyman is plumber who has completed an apprenticeship or training program and has the skills to work for a Master plumber. A Master plumber is one has taken and passed an examination given by the state or city in which he or she is working, and has received a Master plumber license. Such a plumber is authorized to be an employer or contractor, and can teach and employ journeyman plumbers.

The principle services provided by plumbers include the installation or repair of water, waste disposal, drainage, and gas systems in buildings. They also install appliances like hot water heaters, dishwashers, and plumbing fixtures, including bath tubs, sinks, and toilets.

Addison Green is the owner of Green Plumbing in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up around the plumbing business and is a certified Master plumber. Addison Green also holds a degree in Business from Eastern Michigan University.